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Welcome to Affordable Online Services.

Doc Hollywood Media was established in March, 2008, by Independent Film and
Online Content Producer, Gregg Atwill and Retired Warner Brothers Marketing and Advertisement /  Promotions Executive & Company,  Co - Founder, Doctor Joseph Sinda .

Company Mission Statement: Operate an honorable company and Shall Never;
be accused of price gouging or sharp business practices...  Our Online Business Clients Includes: The Entertainment - Music Industry,   Doc Hollywood Media is a consumer friendly with a due diligence to our clients success.

Current Rendered Products & Services:  Affordable DNS - Domain Web Hosting Services: | Website Content Management & Domain Hosting: Professional Unique Web Design Architecture;  | Small Icon Ads $10.00 (US $ ) | Entertainment Industry Creative Services;  | Public Relations; Publicity  |  Online Content Producers  | Marketing  & Advertisement |  Product Placement Strategies: | Internet Media Productions; where  applicable.

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