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  Contact: White Mammoth Productions : - Film / Video Director:  Unit Production Manager:
 Tom Kofoed    We Are Location Near Paramount Studios,   Hollywood, California.
** Film Development & Production Partners:   - Neon Lights Entertainment & Doc Hollywood Media:

6/24/2014  White Mammoth Production - Neon Lights Entertainment is pleased to announce the arrival of a new  Film Production Company Shingle at our facilities.  White Mammoth Production is located near The Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA. and is skilled as a Screenwriter, Original in Creative Story Development, and Talented Film Director,   Tom Kofoed, has been The Unit Production Manager at Neon Lights Entertainment, since 2003 and White Mammoth Productions will be hanging their Video & Film Production Shingle at Neon Lights Entertainment. - 
Welcome Mr. Tom Kofoed & Your Company.

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